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About the Dogs


Full Name: Broken Butt's Declaration 1776
Breed: Border Collie X Australian Cattle Dog mix
Nicknames: Plume Tail, Mr. Q, Qwilly, Q-Man, The Favorite
Color: Royal Blue
Gotcha Day: 9/15/07 @ 2 years old
Personality: The Goof
Place in the Pack: Second in command, right behind his number 1: Mom!
Favorite past times: speed tackling unsuspecting victims, chasing after and stealing balls from whoever did the most work fetching them, cuddling with mom, barking.
Lifetime Aspiration: To have every strand of fur scratched, petted, stroked, or rubbed off his body.
Pet Peeves: baths, being unable to say hello to new people, the red dot.
Broken Butt: Yes, Qwill has extreme genetic deformation (hip dysplasia) in both hips


Full Name: Broken Butt's Dimond in da Ruff
Breed: Border Collie X some unknown breed mix
Nicknames: Shiney, Midget, Special S, Emo Puppy/Dog
Color: Red
Gotcha Day: 2/17/08 @ 3(ish) years old
Personality: Lover
Place in the Pack: Faithful follower with a love of adventure
Favorite past times: beating up on the puppy, acquiring treats, eating, giving high fives, being with his Grams.
Lifetime Aspiration: To body meld with his Grams so he never has to leave her ever.
Pet Peeves: getting wet, physical therapy, sharing
Broken Butt: Yes, Shiner suffered major trauma to his left hip that resulted in multiple fractures of the pelvis and hip joint.


Full Name: Broken Butt's Law of Murphy
Breed: Australian Cattle Dog X Labrador Retriever mix
Nicknames: Trophy, Trophers, Tropher Dopher Doo, MONSTER, Hoover
Color: Yellow, but he wears lots of bright fun-colored collars
Birth Day: 5/10/08
Personality: Class Clown
Place in the Pack: Baby. He still doesn't know he's outgrown Shiner!
Favorite past times: annoying the older dogs, running around like crazy, playing with a million toys-all at the same time, eating EVERYTHING
Lifetime Aspiration(s): To finally catch a bird and to give kisses to everyone in the entire universe.
Pet Peeves: standing still
Broken Butt: Unknown. His hips haven't been x-rayed yet, so we'll keep you informed


Full Name: Broken Butt's Born to Fly
Breed: Border Collie
Nicknames: Baxty, Bax-terrific, B
Color: Bright Orange
Gotcha Day: May 6, 2009
Personality: Teacher's pet
Place in the Pack: Noob - still adjusting to pack life.
Favorite past times: frisbee, frisbee, disc, frisbee. He also shows great aptitude for scootering, but we are building up his muscles VERY slowly.
Lifetime Aspiration: To own all the toys. Period.
Pet Peeves: strange dogs, someone else getting his frisbee
Broken Butt: No, but he does have some arthritis in his left hip.

Cousin Koda

Full Name: Mythcreant's Out Of Kaos
Breed: Border Collie
Nicknames: Toad, Toady, Kode, Bratt
Color: Neon Green
Birth Day: March 2004
Personality: The Grump
Place in the Pack: He THINKS he's God, but he's getting an attitude adjustment.
Favorite past times: playing ball. playing ball. playing ball. scootering, and playing ball.
Pet Peeves: TROPHY
Broken Butt: No.

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