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Handmade Collars


For the Love of Qwill, the cure for collarhollics!

Here at For the Love of Qwill, I want YOU to be the designer! YOU get to pick your own fabric from our ever expanding collection of fabrics!

*HOW CUSTOM ORDERING WORKS*: Browse our fabric galleries, and pick the fabric(s) you best love, write down the unique fabric code in the upper left corner.

Next, in my shop, select the collar style you want (streamline, martingale, buckle or buckle martingale) and the webbing size you want (1", 3/4")

Finally, at checkout be sure to include your FABRIC CODE, and NECK MEASUREMENTS.

Once your payment is delivered to me, work starts on your own completely custom collar, and will be done and on it's way to you in 7-10 days!

Visit our fabric galleries:





Limited Quantity (only 1 or 2 collars can be made from each):

About the Dogs


Full Name: Broken Butt's Declaration 1776
Breed: Border Collie X Australian Cattle Dog mix
Nicknames: Plume Tail, Mr. Q, Qwilly, Q-Man, The Favorite
Color: Royal Blue
Gotcha Day: 9/15/07 @ 2 years old
Personality: The Goof
Place in the Pack: Second in command, right behind his number 1: Mom!
Favorite past times: speed tackling unsuspecting victims, chasing after and stealing balls from whoever did the most work fetching them, cuddling with mom, barking.
Lifetime Aspiration: To have every strand of fur scratched, petted, stroked, or rubbed off his body.
Pet Peeves: baths, being unable to say hello to new people, the red dot.
Broken Butt: Yes, Qwill has extreme genetic deformation (hip dysplasia) in both hips


Full Name: Broken Butt's Dimond in da Ruff
Breed: Border Collie X some unknown breed mix
Nicknames: Shiney, Midget, Special S, Emo Puppy/Dog
Color: Red
Gotcha Day: 2/17/08 @ 3(ish) years old
Personality: Lover
Place in the Pack: Faithful follower with a love of adventure
Favorite past times: beating up on the puppy, acquiring treats, eating, giving high fives, being with his Grams.
Lifetime Aspiration: To body meld with his Grams so he never has to leave her ever.
Pet Peeves: getting wet, physical therapy, sharing
Broken Butt: Yes, Shiner suffered major trauma to his left hip that resulted in multiple fractures of the pelvis and hip joint.


Full Name: Broken Butt's Law of Murphy
Breed: Australian Cattle Dog X Labrador Retriever mix
Nicknames: Trophy, Trophers, Tropher Dopher Doo, MONSTER, Hoover
Color: Yellow, but he wears lots of bright fun-colored collars
Birth Day: 5/10/08
Personality: Class Clown
Place in the Pack: Baby. He still doesn't know he's outgrown Shiner!
Favorite past times: annoying the older dogs, running around like crazy, playing with a million toys-all at the same time, eating EVERYTHING
Lifetime Aspiration(s): To finally catch a bird and to give kisses to everyone in the entire universe.
Pet Peeves: standing still
Broken Butt: Unknown. His hips haven't been x-rayed yet, so we'll keep you informed


Full Name: Broken Butt's Born to Fly
Breed: Border Collie
Nicknames: Baxty, Bax-terrific, B
Color: Bright Orange
Gotcha Day: May 6, 2009
Personality: Teacher's pet
Place in the Pack: Noob - still adjusting to pack life.
Favorite past times: frisbee, frisbee, disc, frisbee. He also shows great aptitude for scootering, but we are building up his muscles VERY slowly.
Lifetime Aspiration: To own all the toys. Period.
Pet Peeves: strange dogs, someone else getting his frisbee
Broken Butt: No, but he does have some arthritis in his left hip.

Cousin Koda

Full Name: Mythcreant's Out Of Kaos
Breed: Border Collie
Nicknames: Toad, Toady, Kode, Bratt
Color: Neon Green
Birth Day: March 2004
Personality: The Grump
Place in the Pack: He THINKS he's God, but he's getting an attitude adjustment.
Favorite past times: playing ball. playing ball. playing ball. scootering, and playing ball.
Pet Peeves: TROPHY
Broken Butt: No.

Special guest star:

About the "Mawm"


Hi! I'm the Mawm. My name is Alexis, i mostly go by Lexi. I am 24. I have 4 mutts and 2 cats. I moved back to my hometown in Northern Ohio and in with my parents in September 2008. We have a grand total of 6 cats, 5 dogs, 2 hedgehogs, and a Chinchilla.

This is just another blog for my dogs featuring the adventures of my four dogs Qwill, Shiner, Apostrophy ("Trophy"), and Baxter as well as their Cousin: Koda.
This blog is for me to hone my photography skills while subjecting my dogs to lots of crazy things. Err... I mean while showering my dogs with love and cookies. Yeah, that's it. Cookies. :)

Why Broken Butt?
Qwill and Shiner were both rescues and both have hip dysplasia. I lovingly refer to them as the Broken Butts! Trophy is my THIRD attempt at adopting a dog suitable for sports i.e. flyball, we'll see how his hips pan out when they're x-rayed.

My goals for 2009:
1. Get Qwill's CGC
2. Get Qwill certified as a therapy dog
3. Join the local dock diving club
4. Get 4 boys scootering together (up to three so far!)
5. Take a flyball class with Trophy
6. Train and compete in Rally O with Qwill
7. Get Shiner to do... something....
8. Get a better job DONE!
9. Do more fostering DONE (and cut off)
10. Adopt another dog DONE!!!


Collars for the Collarholic in You!