Thursday, June 25

365 days...

hard to believe one year ago today i called my roommate to ask if i could get a puppy. And the a few hours later this little 7 pound bundle of energy came home with me from work. He rode on my lap as i didn't have a carrier with me and i didn't want him to pee on my seats! He's grown into teh beautiful dog i know today. We're just starting out journey together. Love ya Trophy!

6 weeks old, 7 pounds

13.5 months old, 45.3 pounds

Wednesday, June 24

It's offical!

Baxter is staying!

He's also keeping the name Baxter, much to my dismay, but i'll take the name as long as i can keep the dog.

He's going in to the vet Friday for a dental and hip x-rays.

Now i need to think of his "official" name.

I need some help!

it SHOULD be 26 characters long and has to start with "BrokenButts_"whatever.

My current dogs are:
BrokenButts Declaration 1776
(qwill? as in quill pen? get it? get it??)

BrokenButts Dimond in da Ruff

BrokenButts Grammar Nazi

BrokenButts ???????

help! :)

Sunday, June 14

Five dog day

I become more torn about B's future everyday.

On the one hand, I'm still saving money up to get his hips x-rayed. He is not limping profoundly like he was a few weeks ago, but he does favor one rear leg.

On the other hand, he gets along so well with all my dogs! Even Toady!! When my sister came back home this weekend i was very nervous that B would relapse and we'd have a fight on our hands, but B didn't really notice. Not to say he doesn't have any snarky moments (oh, he does) but he's easily corrected.

*sigh* fostering and foster failing are difficult endeavors :)


On to the photos! (my sister took all of the frisbee shots, so don't blame me if you don't like them. lol)


As if we had any doubts he was all border collie



The very first throw i did today was really high and ended in Koda jumping over Baxter with the bottoms of his toes over 3 feet off the ground. It was awesome to witness, but of course it wasn't captured on film and i think Koda scared himself as this was all the airtime he got after that.

ah well. at least he cought it.

unlike some dogs i know

Qwill's only frisbee chase today. I told him off for being so mean to Trophy today and so he pouted mostly, but did chase this roller.

Doesn't Koda look good? Much better from overweight dog who was pulling out all of his hair last year. We finally have his food and grass allergies under control!

A glimpse "behind scenes". Notice Shiner grazing in the background. I'm surprised Qwill isn't grazing either. They both think they're cows! Oh, and Hi! That's me in the midst of my canine chaos! :)

Shiner and his aunt. Think he's do this for me? not a chance!

He even looks content.

If i did that to him he's be out of his mind in terror. Since i am the devil in disguise to him. *sigh*


not dead, just really busy.

It's sad that i'm excited about my psychotic manager at the-job-from-hell cut my days down to one as it means i will get ONE day off this week. I'm not complaining because i hate that job, i hate that manager, i get paid less than at my new job, and having to be there only once a week is a blessing.

i keep picking up hours from coworkers at my new job. And i couldn't be more happy. Have i mentioned that i love my new job? lol.

But anyway, that is why i haven't updated in a while. because i am working or trying to work with my dogs and i don't have a spare set of hands for the camera.

with the help of my sister i took some photos of the gang today. I will post them when i get home work tonight at 7:30. In the mean time here is one to hold you over till then.

(getting 4 dogs to look at the camera simultaneously was hard enough. getting 5 to do the same is proving impossible. Also - note to self: group photos BEFORE frisbee or all you can see of B is his tongue!)

Thursday, June 4

Let's Play!

B continues to amaze me with his progress. Early this week he started to play with Trophy and eventually Shiner. Not really Qwill yet, but Q's feeling a bit asocial since he feels i don't spend enough time with him anymore. *eyeroll*.

B's even learned the fine art of Trophy sitting!

Bitey face

and has some killer kung-fu moves!

he also apparently thinks he's a shark

Trophy's a good sport tho!

Shiner's in a e-collar for a few days as all attempts to get him to stop licking at his foot failed. e-collars make Shiner grumpy as all hell. More so than he normally is, so he didn't play with B this afternoon so i could get photos. In fact the little shrimp won't even walk where you want him to go. I had to carry him upstairs, and my dad had to bring him to my room from their bed (the only reason he jumped on the bed in the first place was i was sweeping the floor and he thought the vacuum was going to eat him).

Working at my new job is amazing. I can NOT WAIT until they put me full time and i can tell my other job to shove it *crosses fingers, toes, eyes, tongue, legs, and everything else i can get a hold of that business takes off and they can put me full time!!!* Trophy is going to make his debut on Sunday. I can't wait! I'll see if i can take my point and shoot camera and get some pics. :)

now, i'm off to let the boys out again and then to bed!

Collars for the Collarholic in You!