Sunday, July 1

About the "Mawm"


Hi! I'm the Mawm. My name is Alexis, i mostly go by Lexi. I am 24. I have 4 mutts and 2 cats. I moved back to my hometown in Northern Ohio and in with my parents in September 2008. We have a grand total of 6 cats, 5 dogs, 2 hedgehogs, and a Chinchilla.

This is just another blog for my dogs featuring the adventures of my four dogs Qwill, Shiner, Apostrophy ("Trophy"), and Baxter as well as their Cousin: Koda.
This blog is for me to hone my photography skills while subjecting my dogs to lots of crazy things. Err... I mean while showering my dogs with love and cookies. Yeah, that's it. Cookies. :)

Why Broken Butt?
Qwill and Shiner were both rescues and both have hip dysplasia. I lovingly refer to them as the Broken Butts! Trophy is my THIRD attempt at adopting a dog suitable for sports i.e. flyball, we'll see how his hips pan out when they're x-rayed.

My goals for 2009:
1. Get Qwill's CGC
2. Get Qwill certified as a therapy dog
3. Join the local dock diving club
4. Get 4 boys scootering together (up to three so far!)
5. Take a flyball class with Trophy
6. Train and compete in Rally O with Qwill
7. Get Shiner to do... something....
8. Get a better job DONE!
9. Do more fostering DONE (and cut off)
10. Adopt another dog DONE!!!


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