Wednesday, September 3

Broken Butts Part 1

Ok, ok, so i got myself readdicted to Kingdom Hearts inbetween working in my room... and the battery died in my camera, i promise NEW pics tomorrow, especially since Trophy got a new collar he wants to show off. :)

In the mean time, here are the images of shiners hips.
keep in mind that the right hip (on the left side of the image as you are looking at it) is a perfectly formed joint.

The red lines are exactly parallell to eachother, and shows where the left hip (right side of the screen) SHOULD be to be aligned with the right hip.

This image shows you a break in another part of the pelvis, i'm not sure what that segment is actually called. The red lines should meet at the same vertebre.

There you have it, one of my broken butts! There is a lot more damage that is hard to see in these small images, so click here to see a much larger image. I have images of Qwill's hips to share, but that will wait to another day... or maybe i'll *gasp* post twice tomorrow!


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