Tuesday, October 14

Caught Being Cute

Today has been awful. For me and the dogs. If i want to go there yesterday was downright awful too. I'm going to try to make it up to them by making a trip out to the dog park some time this week. but it can't be tomorrow and one day i have a job interview, i just don't know when exactly until i call them back tomorrow (YAY!)

Anyway, Trophy and Qwill spent the day with me house sitting for my sister so they could get their cable hooked up (since it had already been rescheduled FOUR times, and they couldn't skip band...) Shiner had to stay behind becuase he gets car sick and i didn't want to deal with it. Much to my dismay, Trophy puked IN my car, and Qwill puked IN my sister's appartment. UGH!

But after a boring day of lounging on the couch away from his other best friend, Trophy came home and I find them like this:


I appologize for the angle, i knew if i got up they would move.

We're not being cute, we're plotting against you. Totally.

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