Thursday, February 5

Slippers for Toady

Koda has allergies. While i'm pretty sure I've figured out the cause (food allergy PLUS terrible grass/pollen allergies), the cure is hard to implement since certain nameless people in this house can't resist giving him treats with wheat or corn in them. (I, too, am to blame occasionally if i mix up training treats... it's confusing!)

Anyway, whenever he's having a licking party at his feet, I put him in a pair of home-made booties to prevent him from licking himself raw (He had almost no fur on his feet this past summer from so much licking!)

Poor Toady, he doesn't like his slippers.

Oh, and what's this?

yes. it's a sock. Apparently someone tried hiding one of the booties in an attempt to not have to wear any of them. Ha. Nice try buddy. :)

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  1. You poor thing. Allergies are no fun. Good thing your mom knows what she's doing with her treats. Most dogs can handle wheat based treats. You might want to stay away from chicken too since you already have problems with corn and wheat.

    Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker


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