Tuesday, May 5

He's here!!


Just one pic for today. We have a long road ahead of us with this guy and getting him settled and accepting of other dogs, but the fact that i finally (albeit temporarily) have a prick eared dog that will play ball for hours (more than Koda even!) is wonderful fun!! I'm going to try him on a frisbee tomorrow too.

More pics tomorrow, I'm exhausted now.

To answer some of the questions i've been asked in comments:

-the border collie he cam in with was adopted already from the shelter. i don't know if he also had issues with other dogs or not. It is a shame they couldn't be adopted out together.

-no, the American Border Collie Association has not been contacted, at least not by me. I've been involved in BC Rescue for over 18months now, starting with the adoption process and moving to the fostering side of things now. I network with many of the individual BC rescues via forums, and have never heard of anyone contacting the ABCA. In fact if you go to their website they make ZERO mention of rescue.

-i have not contacted Best Friends in Utah, as it is very far away, and I would prefer to have an All Border Collie or Herding breed dog rescue take him in. Placing these dogs in forever homes can be a complicated process since many people think they want a border collie, yet the dog is completely wrong for their family - usually because they are so hyper active. Border Collie rescue and herding breed rescues (aussies, cattle dogs) have more experience with the breed's individual needs and the experience in matching dogs to homes. Not saying that Best Friends isn't a great place for a dog to end up. Not at all, they do amazing work.

-i have sent e-mails to both border collie rescues that are in Ohio, and have not heard back from either yet. When trying to place a BCmix that was in Tiffin, which is where BuckeyeBCR is located we heard that their foster homes are full. I do not have first hand confirmation of this.

again, thank you all so very much for helping me get Baxter out of the shelter. Keep your paws crossed as he goes into the vet tmw for a heartworm test! paws crossed for negative results!


  1. We're relieved to know Baxter is with you and his friend has already been adopted. We hope everything goes well to prepare him for a new home.

  2. We are so glad he's out of the shelter!! WOOHOO! Too bad the ABCA doesn't have a rescue program, they could network so much better with that kind of participation. Anywho, glad he's out of that nasty ol shelter!

    Feather, Darla, Pappy & LizzaBella

  3. We're so glad the little guy as been successfully sprung and wish you all the very best in finding him a great forever home with someone who will know how to love him and make him happy.

  4. Lovely news that you have him and are working so hard to find a forever home. What a handsome guy he is!

    Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker


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