Tuesday, May 26

Update you've been waiting for

I was holding off on updating for a few reasons, 1. because i have no new photos (sorry!) and 2. Baxter is limping and i've been trying to figure out what to do about it.

B runs well with Trophy. He doesn't like when Trophy gets super excited at the beginning of runs, but i'm confident that with time, more exposure to Trophy and that behavior and more exercise in general he can overcome it. Once they're running he doesn't have a care in the world. He reminds me a lot of Koda who took to this new "job" instantly. He just knows that he is supposed to run infront of me and keep the line taught.

the bad news is that ever since our run Sunday and tossing a few frisbees later that day - B has been limping badly on his rear left leg. I'm trying to come up with how i'm going to pay to get it x-rayed, and what that means for him in general.

The truth of the matter all boils down to - if he can't run with Trophy he can't stay here. If i wanted to run a dog with hip dysplasia (if that's what's wrong with B) i have two dogs already to do so, i really don't need a third!!! It could be just a soft tissue injury (pulled muscle, or a strain) which should heal on its own with a few more days cage rest, unless it's severe.

Anyway, my point is, if i x-ray his hips and he has hip dysplasia the reality is that i need to put him up for adoption. BUT can i justify spending the money for x-rays if i'm not keeping him?

It's a hard question to face and I'm torn in different directions. He's been limping for two days. I'm putting him on cage rest till Saturday (my next day off). if he's still limping then we schedule a vet appointment and i beg for money on the street corner (lol).

I really want to keep him.

He's fitting in very well here despite his dog aggressive past and he's working thru his issues with *surprisingly* little training from me. He's worked thru his fear of the clicker. He chooses to RUN WITH Trophy and no ATTACK Trophy while doing it. The question now relies on if he PHYSICALLY CAN run with trophy, and if he can ever play frisbee again.

cross your paws and fingers that he can become the fourth BrokenButt, and not the third dog with a broken butt in this house. :(

(to R, J, B &D who asked about the broken butt thing, Qwill and Shiner, my first and second dogs, have hip dysplasia. I jokingly refer to them as The BrokenButts. My pack name is the BrokenButts, since technically their butts are broken. :P )

I WAS OFFERED A SECOND JOB AT CAMP BOW-WOW!!! I START TOMORROW!!! This greatly reduces my stress over financial issues, and I'll get to play with a big group of dogs while at work! I'm so excited! :)


  1. I think, just given your (our) past experience, you owe it to whomever may adopt him to have him x-rayed to confirm broken butt syndrome if that is indeed the case. I just look back at the very beginning with Q and the immediate worry and fear after he came home that something was wrong, and what that something may be. If he's got dysplasia, it should be confirmed and documented so the next adoptive parents know what they're dealing with before, not as a horrible surprise after.

  2. It is perfectly possible that the unexpected amount of active play put a strain on a muscle. You will know that if he stops limping after a few days' rest. If not, you have no alternative but to find out exactly where he's at with an X-ray and go from there. It sounds like he is doing so well emotionally and will make a great companion.

    Hang in there. You're doing a great job with Baxter!

  3. Courtney - that's a very good point that i had forgotten about. I was planning on getting his hips x-rayed anyway as soon as i could come up with the money and find a vet that will do it for a reasonable price (not banfield!!) he also has 30 days free sheltercare insurance so i'm going to call them and see if that will cover this since it's for post-adoption emergencies such as finding out the dog is HW positive, etc. ($75 deductible then)

    I'm not freaking out about finances now that i'm starting a second job tho. I will be making almost twice as much a week!


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