Monday, July 6

need some good mojo


My grandpa turned 83 on June 20th this year. He has a heart condition where one of his valves isn't closing all the way (i don't know all the technical mumbo-jumbo). He's scheduled to have open heart surgery later this month (i don't know the exact date).

Anyway he's not doing well tonight. After a week of temperatures in the mid 70's with low humidity and air conditioning on to remove any lingering humidity in the house, today was HOT and HUMID in comparison. He's been on oxygen for several weeks, but tonight he's having a lot of difficulty breathing and getting comfortable.

Mom said he's rather gray in color, and his heart is working overtime trying to pump blood. Right now he's refusing to go to the hospital, but i think my parents are going to drag him out to the car if he's still in this condition in 20 minutes.

I love my grandpa. We nearly lost him a few years ago to a terrible freak traumatic accident - he was unhooking his car from his motor home on a trip in canada and the car was hit by another motor home pinning him between the two vehicles and nearly every bone in his chest was crushed. He miraculously pulled thru and other than his heart issue is in great health.

The pic above is from last April when grandma and grandpa came and visited me in texas and we took the boys (I only had Shiner and Qwill back then!) camping.

If you can spare some mojo, prayers, and good thoughts the broken butts and i would really appreciate it.

And since we're talking about heart disease, many of you will remember my Daisy Doodle who the Boys left behind with her mom in texas.

Banana Butt was born with a heart murmur, but it has recently gotten worse. She is still in good health, but her mom is trying to be very proactive in planning treatment. She is getting a consult through Texas A&M about a surgical procedure to fix her heart and add many more years onto her life. I don't have a lot of news yet, but i'll keep you posted. i'm sure her mom would appreciate your positive thoughts too.

UPDATE: Grandpa was admitted to the hospital last night for observation. Today it was decided to keep him hospitalized and move up his surgery date. He is being transferred to University Hospitals in Cleveland and will be having surgery at the end of this week or early next week.

Thank you all for your good thoughts! I appreciate it greatly!


  1. I'm sending lots of positive Border Collie energy to your grandpa and Banana Butt. Hope they feel better soon.


  2. Ah, poor Daisy Doodle. We hope she will be okay.

    And your grandpa! We can't imagine having every bone in your chest crushed. We're sending warm purrs and tail wags for his complete recovery from this heart problem he's having.

  3. We will keep arr paws crossed fur him!

    Gus and Waldo

  4. We are sending all of our thoughts and prayers to your Grandpa. We will keep our paws crossed for Daisy Doodle too!

    Whew! We have a lot of work to do.

    Lots of treats,
    Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

  5. The girls and I will cross everything we can for your grandfather to be okay and soon back visiting the pack.


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