Thursday, July 2

OK! HELP ME PICK BAXTER'S FULL NAME! I've come up with these four I like:

BrokenButts Finally Home
BrokenButts Second Chance
Both of these play on his previous life, being dumped at the shelter and finally finding his forever home here.

BrokenButts Dr Jekyll Wins
A play on the Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde book: Baxter transforms from an evil dog-eating monster (Mr. Hyde) to a mild mannered guy he his today (Dr. Jekyll)

BrokenButts Born to Fly
The boy loves his frisbee, what else can i say?

SOO! Please VOTE above! Poll closes SUNDAY NIGHT July 5th.

And for some comedy:
Koda went to sleep laying on top of a pile of pillows and i woke up to find him perfectly buried UNDER them! He didn't even knock a single one on the floor!


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  1. Thanks for your comments about the yeast. I am not sure why she chose the vegetarian. That is the same food my other mastiff had when she had urinary infections.

    I am going to let him eat that for now, but then I am going to try something grain free since what I have read indicates the grains as more a source of the problem.

    I think maybe the vet I saw that day wasn't really focused because she gave me the wrong directions for his ear flush (I called today and got that cleared up). Unfortunately, they are now closed for the holiday weekend, so I will need to wait to get back to them.

    He has a follow-up scheduled on the 12th with the head vet. Unless something looks really bad, I will wait until then and get a better consult.

    I always get such good care there regardless of which vet I see (and it is always a bit stressful for Mango) that I wasn't really paying too much attention until I thought about it later and read some of the comments.

    Mango Momma


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