Saturday, August 23

El Tres Banditos

While packing the mountains of ...stuff... i've accumulated in preparation for my move back to Ohio, I found my stash of bandanas. I just happen to have one for each pooch in their colors...

They're very good sports. Trophy needs to work on posing for the camera instead of eating it, but i managed a few good ones.



This photo speaks volumes for the personalities of my three. Qwill HATES posing for pictures, he'll do it, but he makes sure at least half of the results display his displeasure. Shiner, on the other hand, is buttering me up anyway he can (without moving his butt) to get the chunk of freezedried liver in my hand. I think his bedroom eyes are purdy.

Aw! They really do all like eachother, they're "holding paws"... well... sort of. :)
As you can see Daisy isn't wearing a bandana. This is for several reasons:
1. her mom thinks bandanas on dogs are stupid. (I think she's stupid)
2. She has a BANANA! who needs a bandana when you have a banana? :)
3. The boys took a vote: no girl banditos allowed!

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