Tuesday, August 26

in honor of Ohio

I goofed off instead of packing for most of today, then we went to dinner and i actually did finish packing after that. Well... almost finished packing. There's just a few things left to gather together... but anyway. I didn't get to actually take any pictures today... so i went thru my photo logs and found these two amusing photographs from December when Courtney and I took the dogs (we only had Qwill and Daisy then, *gasp*) and the baby on a crazy road trip to Ohio to surprise both our mothers. All around it was a very bad idea and i loath long car trips because of it, but i digress.

Daisy was less than thrilled by the cold weather.

Dispite his face in this photo, he likes snow. Don't let him fool you. Besides, that's a good thing when you consider that we're moving to where it snows a whole lot more than it does in southern Texas!

tomorrow i've already planned my tribute to the Banana as it will be Mr. Q's last day with the love of his life (next to me, of course). See you tomorrow!

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