Friday, September 19

i made Trophy a new collar!

...actually my mom MADE the collar, i designed it. And I helped! (I cut out the fabric)
Anyway, it's super cute. It is also a super learning experience, as even tho i made it the same length as the store baught collars, it is only going to fit trophy for another 2weeks or so. Also, we used the cotton webbing we had insteading of buying polypropolene webbing... well, polypro is thinner, tho this collar is very thick. So thick in fact that i can't show you any closeups as my mom's sewing machine couldn't handle the double material and we did it by hand (er, mom did it by hand [it's not that i can't sew, mom just thinks i'm going to cause her ancient sewing machine to kick the bucket and she can't buy a new one]). So the stitching isn't pro-quality. I don't care, i think it looks sooooo cute on him! I have some polypro to make a 2inch thick pirate theme collar for him when he'll look ok in a 2inch thick collar, right now he'd look like he was wearing a neck brace! I also have some 1" collars to make, but (again) we only have cotton, so we'll see how it goes or if it's also too thick.

Isn't it purdy?!

Trophy has decided he wants to be a model when he grows up

He's got that "sexy serious face" down pat.

work it baby!

Shiner is jealous HE didn't get a new collar (soon baby, soon)

Trophy wasn't helping, he was rubbing it in. Look at him and his smugness.

Actually, i lied. Trophy was pouting too. Ungreatful heathen. Actually he's pouting because he really wants to be a dalmation when he grows up and I laughed at him.

And so he doesn't feel left out, here's Q in all his sleeping glory. Yes, he sleeps with his eyes open sometimes. Yes, it's creepy.

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