Thursday, November 13

A case of the sillies (update 1 of 2)

I took these photos a few days ago, but didn't post them as i was so excited about their finished Christmas collars! It's just a few random pics, but it'll keep me unbored while the new ones i took today are uploading to photobucket.

Mr. Toy hog himself, what can i say, the boys have taught him well. they regret it when they try to play with his horde tho.

But even tho Trophy has managed to out grow (and i'm pretty sure by now, altho i haven't weighted either recently, out weigh) Shiner, Qwill still has the upper hand and lays a pretty mean smack down.

Or, if beating up the little brother doesn't always work, he can always try to scare him into submission.

Oh, and what was Shiner doing during all of this? Pouting cause he wasn't the center of attention. Cheer up little emo puppy, we all still love you.

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  1. Shiner reminds me of Holly on that last one. Just chilling out on her own when she has had enough of Zac. lol

    The new collars look great!


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