Saturday, December 6

We're ready for Christms! Are you?

In an effort to NOT send mt Christmas cards in January, i sat the boys down and took their picture for the card! In order to not give away the surprise for my readers who will actually be getting that card i won't share that pic, but i will share a few others with Koda from the shoot.


Qwill says he lurves Christmas toys, so you should buy him billions and billions because he's cuuuute!


I'm feeling un-creative at the moment, so in a comment leave me ideas for silly, serious, single, or group photographs and i will fill requests! Want to see my dogs in funny hats? I can do that! Want to see them on top of a picnic table? I can try that! I'm just not feeling the creative juices flow, so lets see what you can come up with, the dogs appreciate the outings! :)


  1. Qwill being crazy (or cute). Qwill sleeping upside down. Qwill smiling with his tongue lolling out. Shinner being something other than Emo. Qwill and shiner being happy brothers. And I guess some pics of trophy or koda would be OK too.



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