Thursday, December 4

Working like a what?

Where, my dear (tho few) blog readers, did the phrase "working like a dog" come from?

This phrase brings forth copeous amounts of laughter from my mouth when i think about it. After all, to my four spoiled rotten mutts a "hard days work" would include:

lounging in kennels, occasionally chewing on goodie-filled kongs in the process

napping on the bed

napping on the PILLOWS on the bed


sniffing butts, piles of poop, old shoes, the floor, etc.

herding a red dot


playing with brothers and wrestling.

now seriously, when all is said and done, i'd RATHER work like a DOG, instead I work like an underpaid, untrained, part-time stocker/cashier in a gather busy grocery-type store.

So, my dear blog readers i appologize for the lack of updates, my dogs are feeling your pain as it means i have had little to take pictures OF and thus no pictures to post. So, here is one picture of one of Trophy's new collars, one i bought, not one i made. But i really love this collar on him. AND i'm off for THREE WHOLE DAYS! So maybe i'll find something to take pictures of... maybe :)


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