Monday, January 5

Be Vewy Vewy Quiet...

Unfortunately I woke it up when i opened the desk drawer to pull out the camera...

Whut mom? Yus. I's vury comforble. Y u ask? Plz to stop wid da brite lites and goes to sleeps nao?

Sorry for the lack of updates, I've had a busy Christmas! We've been taking the dogs scootering almost every day. They're all doing very well; especially Koda who is turning into a scootering BEAST. I have a video and some crappy pictures from my point-and-shoot to post, hopefully tomorrow, but i make no promises.

Happy New Year from the Broken Butts!
~Lexi, Qwill, Shiner, Trophy, and Cousin Koda

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  1. Just so you know, the color used for the titles and some other stuff is unreadable for me!


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