Friday, January 30

Opinions Please!

I hope you all have seen the little poll above (I tried to make it obvious!)

My work schedule is settling into a nice groove which leaves me 3 days in a row to work on stuff. Usually I'm not very creative. We go scootering, do some training, then i play some video games while the dogs nap (or i nap!).

I'd like to do some more on this blog, (including posting pics more often, i know i know!) so please vote on what you'd like to see more of. I hope to do a little bit of everything, but having one thing i could focus on might just be the motivation i'm looking for! If you vote for a review or how-to please leave a comment with WHAT you'd like a review/how-to of! I aim to please. I am already working on a how to file your dog's nails with a dremmel because i absolutely *heart* mine! So stay tuned for that. :)



  1. Hey there, guys!

    Thankz fur visitin arr blog! It iz nice to meet woo! We hopez we can bee fwiends!

    Gus and Waldo

  2. Mom and I decided you should pose the dogs and take glamor shots like these with the boys: it'd be hilarious!



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