Wednesday, April 22


Ok, I know i promised (via twitter) a kong treat today. BUT we are totally out of fridge room, and since i only have a GINORMOUS #10 can of pumpkin (I used the last small can yesterday testing my technique). However, expect it soon! Besides, i shouldn't give the boys that much fiber twice in one week, i'm trying to cure the runs, not cause it! (did you know that pumpkin can cure diarrhea AND constipation and too much can CAUSE diarrhea?! Weird huh?)

Well, anyway. I'm getting back on a training schedule with the boys, here's a video of the Monster trying to learn 4-in-a-box which is just placing all four feet in a box. I'm clicking for him putting his BACK feet in the box, as he's mostly forgotten he has them.

I also have a vid of Shiner box-hopping, but i can't edit it as it's a .mov file, and i can't edit .mov files and it's too long to upload to photobucket. Anyone know of a FREE .MOV EDITOR?! He's so cute hopping into boxes, but i can't share it! *pout*


  1. You almost got it! That trick is hard for sure.



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