Sunday, April 19

What's going on 'round here

hi everyone! It's been a busy week here. Unfortunately none of it involved pictures, which is why there have not been any updates.

It rained most of last week (and is gearing up right now to rain any second) so the boys were cooped up inside a lot. Thursday and Friday were warm and sunny and dried out the ground a smidge. Friday we went out to play, and while hosing the mud off the boys Trophy discovered that hoses are VERY VERY AWESOME. He loves to chase the water hitting the ground, even more than the red dot as there's something tangible he can actually get his mouth on. He also discovered that butterfiles are fun to chase.
Yesterday was downright HOT - nearly eighty in the sun according to the thermometer. I got sun burnt while washing my car, but Trophy had a blast still chasing the hose, even trying to kill it running on my car. lol!

Yesterday I also bought the little brat a new toy. I will be giving my review on it in a few weeks when we've had a chance to try it out more. I hope this will be THE PREFECT TOY as it come WITH A GUARANTEE! If Trophy destroys it, i get a NEW ONE. *evil laughter*. ahem, sorry. don't know what came over me. :)


  1. Hi everybody,

    Mommy wants to know if you'd loke to be part of my DWB doggies with Spring flowers post that she'll be doing this weekend. If you have a pic of one or all of you with flowers or standing close to us p;ease send us a copy so we can make sure you are included.


  2. We've had crazy weather here, too. The rain is making the boys (and me) very stir crazy.

    Hey--how did you get your twitter feed on the sidebar?

    Gus and Waldo


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