Wednesday, June 24

It's offical!

Baxter is staying!

He's also keeping the name Baxter, much to my dismay, but i'll take the name as long as i can keep the dog.

He's going in to the vet Friday for a dental and hip x-rays.

Now i need to think of his "official" name.

I need some help!

it SHOULD be 26 characters long and has to start with "BrokenButts_"whatever.

My current dogs are:
BrokenButts Declaration 1776
(qwill? as in quill pen? get it? get it??)

BrokenButts Dimond in da Ruff

BrokenButts Grammar Nazi

BrokenButts ???????

help! :)


  1. Brokenbutts you couldn't turn away
    Brokenbutts you don't really need
    Brokenbutts the one that fetches
    Brokenbutts biggest tongue
    Brokenbutts of uncertainty

    Do I get anything if you pick one of mine?

  2. "Brokenbutts Back to the Future" is our contribution.

    We are so pleased to hear he will be staying with you!

  3. Way to go Baxter! This is great news. We've no Brokenbutts... to share. Sorry. I'm sure later today something will pop into one of our little heads.

    Lots of treats -
    Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

  4. Hooray for Baxter staying, though we can't guess why he has to keep that name.

    But we kind of like BrokenButts Foster Failure.


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