Thursday, June 4

Let's Play!

B continues to amaze me with his progress. Early this week he started to play with Trophy and eventually Shiner. Not really Qwill yet, but Q's feeling a bit asocial since he feels i don't spend enough time with him anymore. *eyeroll*.

B's even learned the fine art of Trophy sitting!

Bitey face

and has some killer kung-fu moves!

he also apparently thinks he's a shark

Trophy's a good sport tho!

Shiner's in a e-collar for a few days as all attempts to get him to stop licking at his foot failed. e-collars make Shiner grumpy as all hell. More so than he normally is, so he didn't play with B this afternoon so i could get photos. In fact the little shrimp won't even walk where you want him to go. I had to carry him upstairs, and my dad had to bring him to my room from their bed (the only reason he jumped on the bed in the first place was i was sweeping the floor and he thought the vacuum was going to eat him).

Working at my new job is amazing. I can NOT WAIT until they put me full time and i can tell my other job to shove it *crosses fingers, toes, eyes, tongue, legs, and everything else i can get a hold of that business takes off and they can put me full time!!!* Trophy is going to make his debut on Sunday. I can't wait! I'll see if i can take my point and shoot camera and get some pics. :)

now, i'm off to let the boys out again and then to bed!


  1. Broken Butt Pack!!! Hahahahahaha

    We're keeping our paws crossed for you too!

    Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker


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