Sunday, June 14

not dead, just really busy.

It's sad that i'm excited about my psychotic manager at the-job-from-hell cut my days down to one as it means i will get ONE day off this week. I'm not complaining because i hate that job, i hate that manager, i get paid less than at my new job, and having to be there only once a week is a blessing.

i keep picking up hours from coworkers at my new job. And i couldn't be more happy. Have i mentioned that i love my new job? lol.

But anyway, that is why i haven't updated in a while. because i am working or trying to work with my dogs and i don't have a spare set of hands for the camera.

with the help of my sister i took some photos of the gang today. I will post them when i get home work tonight at 7:30. In the mean time here is one to hold you over till then.

(getting 4 dogs to look at the camera simultaneously was hard enough. getting 5 to do the same is proving impossible. Also - note to self: group photos BEFORE frisbee or all you can see of B is his tongue!)


  1. Wow!! that is a great picture!!
    B sure looks thirsty. Can't wait to see more later.


  2. We look forward to hearing from you whenever you can.

    That picture is frameworthy!!

    Gus and Waldo

  3. but itz a nis tung. Luks kinda like min.

    Wagz n Sniffs,

    ps--wanna kum play frizbee wif me n Daddy n Molly?


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