Sunday, April 12

Giveaway Winner and NEW STORE ITEMS!

I want to give a big thank you to everyone who visited my store this past week and entered our giveaway. I hope you will remember me when you are shopping for your pet's new collars!

The winner chosen by's random number generator was post number 24 by AmandaSue. She will get to choose one collar style in the spring fabric of her choice. But that's not all! I am please to announce that I am adding FOUR new spring fabrics that she can also choose from!

Stripe 039 Stained Glass:

Stripe 040 Ball Field:

Stripe 041 Strawberry Kiwi:

Stripe 042 Sunshine Brights:

they will be added to my shop shortly!

In other exciting news, I will be adding 1/2 inch CAT COLLARS, and 3/4 inch wide dog collars before the end of May! I placed the order for my materials, and will do several test collars before adding them to my store, but look for them in the near future!

TODAY I have a new product that will be going up in my shop this afternoon: Collar COLLECTIONS! These are sets of 5 to 7 coordinating fabrics. You will be able to choose two to five fabrics from the collection to be made into coordinating collars. Great for multi-pet homes that want their pets to look great together, without having them wear the same collars. Also great for collarhollics who need a collar for almost every day of the week!!

Streamline sets:
2 collars - $25
3 collars - $40
4 collars - $55
5 collars - $60

Buckle sets:
2 collars - $27
3 collars - $43
4 collars - $70
5 collars - $64

Martingale sets:
2 collars - $31
3 collars - $49
4 collars - $67
5 collars - $72
(These prices are only for the Collections and do not apply to all multiple collar orders)

here is a sneak peek of two of these collections (I have 5 planned right now) that will be on sale starting later today.

Collection 005 Brights:

Collection 001 Feeling Blues:


  1. We iz sorree dat we missed da contest, but da collars look beewootiful! We will have to go and check owt yur etsy store!

    Gus and Waldo

  2. Thank you so much! I have responded to your email with Lolo's info :)

  3. I have been shopping around your shop and I think I will be ordering a new spring collar soon. =)


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